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Do Not Let the Capitol Insurrection Normalize Police Surveillance

On January 6th, 2021, the world was glued to their TV screens as they watched the mayhem at Capitol Hill. White supremacists and alt-right pro-Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building, believing that they had the power to overturn the 2020 Presidential Election results, and the police did little to prevent the insurrection from occurring. The groundwork for the insurrection dates back to almost a year ago, but the planning for the insurrection happened across the span of several weeks. Tweets dating back to December 23, 2019 serve as evidence that the far-right was rallying to suppress democracy, and the federal government failed to take these sentiments seriously and act on time. 

BREAKING: AU Plans to Return to In-Person Instruction for Fall 2021

American University announced in an email from President Burwell on Monday, February 22, that it is currently on track to conduct in-person classes and a full residential experience for the Fall 2021 semester, with health and safety practices, such as physical distancing and masks. The return to in-person instruction will also be followed by expanded COVID-19 testing, no reductions to financial aid, and no increases to the 2021-2022 academic year’s tuition and housing costs for undergraduate, graduate, and Washington College of Law students.  

A Post-Election Analysis: Why Bashing on Southern and Midwestern States is Elitist

 For a group of people who pride themselves on being committed to racial, economic, and environmental justice, a different ego has emerged from progressives and liberals alike during the week of the 2020 Presidential Election. Both political ideologies created a campaign of “kindness, justice, and equity” to vote Trump out of the White House, but they failed to deliver the same message in a time where it was needed most: election week. During the week of the election, a social media cleanse was not only needed to avoid false information on voter fraud, but to deter the inhumanity perpetrated by so-called progressives and liberals in battleground states, mostly located in the South and the Midwest.  

Why Your Southern Disdain is Problematic

The climate change disaster so many people wished upon Southern states like Texas and Florida after their 2020 electoral vote results has occurred. On February 16, 2021, a historic deep freeze swept Texas, Tennessee, and other Southern states, where at least 58 people had died. 

What is #EndSARS and How Can We Help?

In early October, the hashtag #EndSARS began trending on Twitter and other social media platforms. The hashtag brought awareness to the current situation in Nigeria, Africa’s most popular country, and the violence in the police state of the government. The hashtag was first used in 2018, and the current wave of protests began after a young man was murdered in Delta State after a stop-and-search operation on Oct. 3 by SARS officers. 

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