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The Ins and Outs of Being A Black Male Basketball Athlete at AU

As American University’s Black community has grown there has been a large influx of Black men on the campus which has increased traction and motive to create insular and positive organizations and environments for Black men and athletes on campus to congregate and join in brotherhood. The strong sense of Blackness and commradie from freshmen Elijah Stephens [elijahstephens_], graduate students Marvin Bragg Jr. [messymarvv], and Stacky Beckton Jr. [4ep_beck] displays the pride, self-awareness, and rich experiences towards highlighting the embodiment of a Black man’s experience in America and at a PWI, such as American University. 

The Blackprint

AU Excellence: Student, Artist, Scientist, and King of the Carnival

Black excellence comes in the embodiment of someone who is willing to use their talents to represent their core values and for the service of others. TreVaughn Ellis, a multi-talented Biology major at American University, is only a sophomore, but he has already made a profound impact on campus by using his talents. Ellis, who aspires to work within the microbiology or genetics field, uses his love of science, his artistic talent, and Jamaican- Black American identity to influence his experiences. TreVaughn set a goal to maximize his time and experiences at AU and has already made contributions to campus and its culture in his first year in person. 

Meet Arielle Moore,The Current Queen of the Carnival

Mary Graydon Center was alive with a myriad of Caribbean tastes and beats on the night of Saturday, March 19. It was the first time that AU’s Caribbean Circle was able to put on the annual Roots and Rhythms pageant in three years because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

AU Excellence: What We Water Creator Makenna Lindsay

Makenna Lindsay, a junior studying sociology and Spanish, has long dreamed of creating a safe space to highlight the importance of wellness and pleasure for Black and brown women. Lindsay thus conceptualized What We Water, a platform that she hoped would center creativity as a means of advocacy for women of color’s reproductive justice, self-care and wellness.    

AU Excellence: Langston Carter and the Importance of Student Athlete Support

American University’s mens and women's swim team has a total of 47 players on their Division I roster including: Langston Carter (langstoncarter). Carter, a senior studying public relations with a minor in legal studies, has been a part of the team for all four years of his collegiate career and has been the only Black swimmer on American University’s swim team.

African Student Organization Annual Pagent 2022

The African Students’ Organization Annual Pageant is a highly anticipated event in the Black American University community. A night of music, food and good vibes brings walks of all life to watch several African students compete for the Mr./Ms. ASO title. This year, after a three year hiatus due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the pageant theme is Keys to the Kingdom showcasing African Elegance. 

Love of the Diaspora 2022

Love of the Diaspora is an annual celebration of the Black Diaspora, including Black, African-American, African, and Caribbean communities, through food, music, and art, hosted by rotating Black Diasporic organizations. Love of the Diaspora, also known as LOTD, started in 2016 as a way to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness within the African Diaspora on American University’s campus, providing a space for Black students to be themselves, free of judgment or prejudice. This night is dedicated to uplifting, celebrating, welcoming, and enjoying the company of our peers!

Caribbean Circle’s Roots and Rhythms 2022

From the Caribbean Circle’s annual pageant to Love of the Diaspora, Black organizations at AU are infamous for putting on grand events in the spring that celebrate a variety of cultures and customs on campus. First up: Caribbean Circle’s Roots and Rhythms pageant. 

5 Hispanic/Latino Restaurants Less Than 20 Minutes from AU

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, here are more local D.C. restaurants to support and explore! September 15th - October 15th calls for the celebration of  Hispanic Heritage Month. From the AFI Latin Film Festival to the ongoing bachata and salsa events, there is still time to dine. Instead of creating any kind of Latin American focused list, we have compiled a list of Latin- diverse restaurants - Mexican, Salvadoran, Peruvian, Brazilian and Cuban - that are in reasonable proximity for AU students. 

AU Students Honor the Life of An’Twan Gilmore

Hundreds of AU students gathered on the quad on September 15 to honor and commemorate the life of An’Twan Gilmore. The vigil was organized by Chyna Brodie, president of the AU Student Government with powerful speeches from Interim Chaplian Rev. Bryant Oskvig; Amaris Levitt, AU Student Government Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Keana Brooks, AU Student Government Student Union Board; Jayden Newman, AU Student Government Chief of Students; and Kayla Kelly founder and director of DC-mutal aid coalition.

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