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The Importance of Telling our Stories with Rosie Rios

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Kennedy Political Union hosted an event featuring the former U.S. Treasurer, Rosie Rios. The event was moderated by Ernesto Castañeda-Tinoco, director of the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies and the AU Immigration Lab and was held in the School of International Service. During the event, audience members gained critical insight into the experiences and challenges that shaped Rios’ career and led her to where she is today. 

United Under One AU

The first week of November was a lively one with many expected alumni and events taking place for the 2022 Multicultural Alumni Reunion (MCAR). The Multicultural Alumni Association hosted a myriad of events including the MCAR Celebrate event and the Multicultural Fraternity and Sorority Brunch for AU alumni and current AU students in hopes to celebrate, reconnect, and unify the diverse cultural identities of AU’s community. Additionally, MCAR in conjunction with the campaign for American University called Change Can’t Wait, encouraged people who have a stake in the AU community to donate to AU’s equity-based funds and AU’s commitment to Inclusive Excellence.

Spotlight: How Women’s Soccer Head Coach Marsha Harper Breaks Down Barriers on and off the Field

The American University Women’s Soccer team is in the midst of a resurgence, and it is thanks in large part to the culture change brought about by head coach Marsha Harper. Harper is in her third year as head coach of the Lady Eagles soccer team, and the team’s improvement is more evident with each passing year. The proof is in the pudding, as the team went from winless in her first year as head coach to three wins and eighth in their conference this past season.

“The Real World” – AU's New Policy Regarding AUPD Swiping Students into Rooms

For the new school year, AU’s Housing and Residence Life made several updates and changes to dorm buildings to provide more safety for the students living in dorms. These policies include 1) the new swipe and show the system to monitor who comes in and out of dorm buildings, and 2) the new lockout process which replaced temporary cards. What this means is instead of desk receptionists providing students with temporary cards to get students back into their dorm rooms when they lock themselves out, now AUPD performs the new lockout process, which involves AUPD unlocking students' dorm rooms during the day. This new policy was supposed to give students a “reality of the real world,” while invoking responsibility in students to not forget their “keys” at home. But what reality is this? 

The Monkeypox Vaccine: The Stigma Attached of the Monkeypox Vaccine 

Remember the smallpox outbreak? Just like COVID-19 showed itself to develop variants of the virus, smallpox resurface with what scientists called, Monkeypox. As of July 23rd, the WHO declared a global health emergency over the outbreak of monkeypox. On August 3rd, the US declared monkeypox a public health emergency, as s means to respond and address the virus as quickly as possible before it spread over the country. Cases was identified amongst men, gay men in specific, according to the WHO, which begin the idea that monkeypox can only be transmitted through “gay sex.”   

It’s Time to Get In Line: Why Black People Especially Need to Prioritize Getting their Monkeypox Vaccine

When the news of Monkeypox first spread across national headlines, American media began to follow the same homophobic patterns it first made with HIV/AIDS.  The belief that HIV/AIDS is a disease limited to the LGBTQ+ community was compiled into the plethora of disparities and roadblocks that negatively impact Black Americans' health outcomes in regards to HIV/AIDS. 

The Ins and Outs of Being A Black Male Basketball Athlete at AU

As American University’s Black community has grown there has been a large influx of Black men on the campus which has increased traction and motive to create insular and positive organizations and environments for Black men and athletes on campus to congregate and join in brotherhood. The strong sense of Blackness and commradie from freshmen Elijah Stephens [elijahstephens_], graduate students Marvin Bragg Jr. [messymarvv], and Stacky Beckton Jr. [4ep_beck] displays the pride, self-awareness, and rich experiences towards highlighting the embodiment of a Black man’s experience in America and at a PWI, such as American University. 

The Blackprint

AU Excellence: Student, Artist, Scientist, and King of the Carnival

Black excellence comes in the embodiment of someone who is willing to use their talents to represent their core values and for the service of others. TreVaughn Ellis, a multi-talented Biology major at American University, is only a sophomore, but he has already made a profound impact on campus by using his talents. Ellis, who aspires to work within the microbiology or genetics field, uses his love of science, his artistic talent, and Jamaican- Black American identity to influence his experiences. TreVaughn set a goal to maximize his time and experiences at AU and has already made contributions to campus and its culture in his first year in person. 

Meet Arielle Moore,The Current Queen of the Carnival

Mary Graydon Center was alive with a myriad of Caribbean tastes and beats on the night of Saturday, March 19. It was the first time that AU’s Caribbean Circle was able to put on the annual Roots and Rhythms pageant in three years because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

AU Excellence: What We Water Creator Makenna Lindsay

Makenna Lindsay, a junior studying sociology and Spanish, has long dreamed of creating a safe space to highlight the importance of wellness and pleasure for Black and brown women. Lindsay thus conceptualized What We Water, a platform that she hoped would center creativity as a means of advocacy for women of color’s reproductive justice, self-care and wellness.    

AU Excellence: Langston Carter and the Importance of Student Athlete Support

American University’s mens and women's swim team has a total of 47 players on their Division I roster including: Langston Carter (langstoncarter). Carter, a senior studying public relations with a minor in legal studies, has been a part of the team for all four years of his collegiate career and has been the only Black swimmer on American University’s swim team.

African Student Organization Annual Pagent 2022

The African Students’ Organization Annual Pageant is a highly anticipated event in the Black American University community. A night of music, food and good vibes brings walks of all life to watch several African students compete for the Mr./Ms. ASO title. This year, after a three year hiatus due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the pageant theme is Keys to the Kingdom showcasing African Elegance. 

Love of the Diaspora 2022

Love of the Diaspora is an annual celebration of the Black Diaspora, including Black, African-American, African, and Caribbean communities, through food, music, and art, hosted by rotating Black Diasporic organizations. Love of the Diaspora, also known as LOTD, started in 2016 as a way to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness within the African Diaspora on American University’s campus, providing a space for Black students to be themselves, free of judgment or prejudice. This night is dedicated to uplifting, celebrating, welcoming, and enjoying the company of our peers!

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