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Three Tears of COVID, Three Years of Struggles: A Look at How The Pandemic Has Impacted The People of The DMV

When COVID-19 first hit the news in the early days of January 2020 , I , along with most of the other people in the DMV, initially didn’t think that it was something I had to be afraid of. It seemed like a distant problem an entire ocean away, a problem that was limited to affecting people we didn’t know and places we had never been. For about two weeks, life in our schools, our businesses, and our neighborhoods ran exactly the same…until the first COVID cases started to appear stateside. Then, it all went downhill from there. 

From “Surface Pressure”to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”: How Disney’s Encanto Masterfully Employs Storytelling Through Song

Welcome to the Family Madrigal, everyone. Encanto, Disney’s newest animated film has taken the world by storm. Released at the end of 2021, the plot and music from the movie continue to dominate the internet, where a sea of Encanto content remains never-ending. In particular, the film has had a large cultural impact on members of the POC and Latinx community due to its representation of a wide variety of skin colors and hair textures. 

Higher Sales and Higher Cholesterol: An Analysis of the Trend of “Black Celebrity Fast-Food Meals” and How They Relate to Food Insecurity

On Aug. 9, 2021, McDonald’s uploaded a brand new advertisement to their YouTube channel. This advertisement featured the extremely popular African-American rapper Saweetie announcing that she was partnering with McDonald’s to sell what she called “The Saweetie Meal.” She then showed off a variety of ways that she would customize the various items included in the meal, such as placing the meal’s fries on her Big Mac, or topping those fries with the meal’s Chicken McNuggets. The ad ends with her encouraging viewers to order ahead on the McDonald’s app, while sounds similar to her hip-hop music played well into the outro.

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