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Never the Money, Always the Principle: The Burial Review

  The Burial is a movie that does two things: tell a life story and ask us to be honest about the exploitation that these big corporations and companies do. Typically movies of the “small lawyer, big corporation case” genre are dramatic and thrilling. However, this movie seemed to fall flat, leaving more questions than answers. 

Black Women Will Lead Revolutions, Even If We’re Scared

As a parting gift, my high school librarian gave me the book Required Readings for the Disenfranchised Freshman written by Kristen R. Lee. I put off reading it during the summer but recently finished it within the first month of my freshman year of college. I’ve found myself in the same situation as the main character, Savannah Howard. The two of us are living similar lives as young Black students starting college at predominately white institutions, scared for our lives. Both of us are struggling to fully accept that our capabilities and accomplishments have guided us into the next phase of our lives. Both of us understand that there is a new game afoot, and we hope that life has equipped us with the skills to overcome it. However, our paths diverge when anti-Black hate crimes begin happening on her campus.

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