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United Under One AU

The first week of November was a lively one with many expected alumni and events taking place for the 2022 Multicultural Alumni Reunion (MCAR). The Multicultural Alumni Association hosted a myriad of events including the MCAR Celebrate event and the Multicultural Fraternity and Sorority Brunch for AU alumni and current AU students in hopes to celebrate, reconnect, and unify the diverse cultural identities of AU’s community. Additionally, MCAR in conjunction with the campaign for American University called Change Can’t Wait, encouraged people who have a stake in the AU community to donate to AU’s equity-based funds and AU’s commitment to Inclusive Excellence.

“The Real World” – AU's New Policy Regarding AUPD Swiping Students into Rooms

For the new school year, AU’s Housing and Residence Life made several updates and changes to dorm buildings to provide more safety for the students living in dorms. These policies include 1) the new swipe and show the system to monitor who comes in and out of dorm buildings, and 2) the new lockout process which replaced temporary cards. What this means is instead of desk receptionists providing students with temporary cards to get students back into their dorm rooms when they lock themselves out, now AUPD performs the new lockout process, which involves AUPD unlocking students' dorm rooms during the day. This new policy was supposed to give students a “reality of the real world,” while invoking responsibility in students to not forget their “keys” at home. But what reality is this? 

The Monkeypox Vaccine: The Stigma Attached of the Monkeypox Vaccine 

Remember the smallpox outbreak? Just like COVID-19 showed itself to develop variants of the virus, smallpox resurface with what scientists called, Monkeypox. As of July 23rd, the WHO declared a global health emergency over the outbreak of monkeypox. On August 3rd, the US declared monkeypox a public health emergency, as s means to respond and address the virus as quickly as possible before it spread over the country. Cases was identified amongst men, gay men in specific, according to the WHO, which begin the idea that monkeypox can only be transmitted through “gay sex.”   

Op-Ed: Paint Cans and Police Sirens: The Complexity of Graffiti Art

The seemingly simplistic words spray-painted on buildings and landmarks have such a rich history with complex racial politics surrounding it and provide accessibility to create art for artists of all backgrounds. These factors combined are why instead of brushing graffiti off as vandalism and a crime, it should be recognized as a valid art form.

It’s Time to Get In Line: Why Black People Especially Need to Prioritize Getting their Monkeypox Vaccine

When the news of Monkeypox first spread across national headlines, American media began to follow the same homophobic patterns it first made with HIV/AIDS.  The belief that HIV/AIDS is a disease limited to the LGBTQ+ community was compiled into the plethora of disparities and roadblocks that negatively impact Black Americans' health outcomes in regards to HIV/AIDS. 

KAYTRANADA In The House: Concert or Stream, It's Irresistible!

If you haven’t heard or listened to KAYTRANADA, you must be living under a rock. From the viral KAYTRANADA TikTok trends to the geniusly infused collaborations that are produced; His style, flow, and rhythm are more than just a blessing to the ears, it's an experience. Whether you stream his music on Spotify or Apple Music (*cough cough sniff, Spotify is better) or lucky enough to snatch a ticket and see him in person, KAYTRANADA’s versatile skill of incorporating modern R&B beats and vibes mélanged with house music, is what makes his music so idiosyncratic. 

5 Hispanic/Latino Restaurants Less Than 20 Minutes from AU

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, here are more local D.C. restaurants to support and explore! September 15th - October 15th calls for the celebration of  Hispanic Heritage Month. From the AFI Latin Film Festival to the ongoing bachata and salsa events, there is still time to dine. Instead of creating any kind of Latin American focused list, we have compiled a list of Latin- diverse restaurants - Mexican, Salvadoran, Peruvian, Brazilian and Cuban - that are in reasonable proximity for AU students. 

WUSA9 Protesters gathered in from on the Nigerian EMbassy to #EndSars on the first day of protests, October 11th. 


Thousands of young activists in the Washington, D.C. area rallied to support Nigerian efforts to eliminate that country’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad, also known as SARS, a notoriously corrupt and brutal police force. 

This Was Always America

What would Congress think? If I, as a Black man, were to share my frustrations of what occurred on the floor? If they were to actually hear the pain I felt— what ached while sitting in my DC apartment, staring out of my window as sirens blared throughout the streets; streets that I know were forbidden to those who looked like me, but seemed to be owned by those in red hats and white skin. The feeling of knowing, knowing that I could not dare leave my apartment or my life would be in jeopardy. What would Congress think? What would run through their mind? While I can’t share all my frustrations, because my parents will one day read this, I will offer some here:

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