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Winter Hair Care Tips for Natural Hair

If you’ve got curly hair, you know the damages that the winter weather can cause for what are usually beautifully, nourished curls. The cold and dry air makes curly hair, which is typically already on the drier side, even more dry. And what does dry, curly hair look like? Absolutely chaos. In the wintertime, curly hair is prone to frizz, flyaways, split ends and more. 

Wash and go just aren’t the same in the winter season. I remember washing my hair, detangling, adding some leave-ins and feeling like I was ready to conquer the day. But, my hair was in no way ready to conquer the weather. The brisk wind of the winter undoes absolutely all detangling efforts. While hats and scarves keep you warm and are fashionable, they also contribute to frizz and tangles. The winter can turn perfect coiled and spiral-shaped curls into clumps of indiscernible frizz. But have no fear, the BlackPrint is here to help you keep your natural and curly hair nourished, moisturized and healthy during this winter season. Here are 7 winter hair care tips:

1. Deep Condition

This is one of the most important tips! Using a deep conditioner 2-3 times a week can help to prevent breakage and brittleness by keeping your hair hydrated with nutrients, moisture, and protein. If you're looking for a deep conditioner, be sure to check out Camille Rose’s Algae Renew Deep Conditioning Mask or head to Giant and pick up some ingredients to make your own! 

2. Never comb or brush dry hair 

Now, this is a rule that most curly-headed cuties learn at an early age. And if we aren’t told, we definitely learn by trial and error. You should never comb or brush dry hair, but in the wintertime it is even bigger, no. If you need extra help detangling, use a wide-tooth comb or wet-brush in the shower and add some conditioner if you need to.

3. Seal your hair and especially your ends 

Be sure to seal your hair and especially your ends with your favorite oil this winter. By doing this you lock in the moisture from your conditioner and other styling products.

4. Silk pillowcases

If you don’t already have them, you need to treat yourself to some silk pillowcases this winter. Frequent movement in our sleep is a recipe for broken and frizzy hair. Silk pillowcases help alleviate these issues, plus they are cute and comfy.

5. Find your favorite protective styles

As we’ve mentioned hats, scarves and the wind itself can be pretty detrimental to your beautiful curls so protective styles are the way to go. Braids, loose ponies, and even buns are great ways to protect your hair from tangles and frizz this winter. If you're looking for some new protective styles this winter be sure to check out Blackprint’s own @HairbyFesticia.

6. Trim 

Sometimes it's hard to let go of our luscious locks, but those dead-ends have got to go. Frequent trims in the winter can keep your hair healthy year-round and promotes even more growth.

7. No heat!

And last but definitely not least, put those flat irons and straighteners down for the winter season. These tools take moisture out of your hair and can even cause heat damage. If you are using a blow dryer, be sure to keep it on the cool setting and if you do use a straightener, be sure to use a heat protectant beforehand. 

We hope these hair care tips keep your curls nourished, moisturized, and bouncy this winter season. Feel free to let us know your own winter hair care secrets! 

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