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Love Renaissance (LVRN): The Future of the Music Industry

Love Renaissance (LVRN) is an Atlanta-based and Black-founded record label making a name for itself like no other. The label was founded in 2012 by Tunde Balogun, Justice Baiden, Carlon Ramong, Junia Abaidoo and Sean Famoso McNichol while they were students at Georgia State University. Since its inception, LVRN has sat at the forefront of fostering cultural bonds for the up and coming generation of hip-hop and R&B. 

The label has managed to cultivate an impressive list of signed artists. In 2013, the label signed their first artist, ATL rapper, Raury. By 2016, they added two more artists to their roster: DRAM and 6LACK. In 2017, the label landed a distribution deal with Interscope Records and launched LVRN Studios, a creative recording space in Atlanta. In November 2020, LVRN released its first-ever holiday compilation album, “Home for the Holidays,” which features nine tracks from LVRN artists. The label is currently home to artists like 6lack, Summer Walker, BRS Kash, Westside Boogie, DVSN, Shelley FKA, Kitty Ca$H, and other promising artists. 

The concept of “Love Renaissance” came from co-founder Justice Baiden’s belief that there was a lack of love within our generation. With the return of gangster music and the emergency of trap music, Justice explained that he felt the concept and idea of falling in love wasn’t appreciated. Love Renaissance set out with one simple goal; to make it cool to be in love again. The LVRN brand seeks to bring balance and love into the music industry. LVRN doesn’t solely focus on their artists’ music; they want listeners to fall in love with everything the artist has to offer. 

LVRN is not exclusively a record label, but instead, the label operates as a multi-media conglomerate. LVRN signs artists and also offers management services that are unmatched with top-notch quality, attention, creativity, and drive. The label leverages all of its power to get the absolute best for its artists, protect their talent and authenticity and fulfill their wishes. The creativity, originality and attention to detail of LVRN are what sets it apart from others. In terms of marketing, LVRN is miles ahead of other labels. LVRN has the best album rollouts in the game; they’re simply unmatched. Their rollouts turn heads, keep fans engaged, and get the media going. Many people are scared to take the risks that LVRN does creatively, which is their greatest advantage.   

LVRN’s most recent album was Summer Walker’s sophomore album, Still Over It. And well, I am nowhere near over it; the album is pure gold, and the rollout was magical. LVRN launched the Summer Walker album roll out on the two-year anniversary of ‘Over It,’ and it just so happened to still be #1 on Apple Music’s R&B Album chart two whole years later. Announcing the 2nd album on the anniversary of the debut album is one thing, but the video content and the Instagram page一 simply just fantastic marketing. 

LVRN isn’t defining itself solely through music. The bigger picture and plan of the label goes well beyond the music industry, revealing recently that they plan to expand their craft into the film and TV industry. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, co-founder Sean Famoso discussed the label’s plan for their next project.  “A couple of years ago, we had an idea to start writing a show. The reality is that we live a really crazy life,” said Famoso.  “The five of us are all either first-generation Americans or immigrants — Junia was born in Ghana, and so was Justice — and we have a really unique perspective on our upbringing in the entertainment industry. We started slowly putting the show together.” 

Famoso said in the interview that LVRN has since struck a big deal for the show and they’re currently in the pre-production stage now. The other co-founders have gone onto work on other big projects as well, including scoring an FX documentary.  “Music is only the catalyst for everything that we really want to do, and we let it score all of our movements, but our mindset is a bit bigger than just the music industry,” said Famoso. Like with everything LVRN does, the concept and purpose of the show is to elevate Black voices and Black stories. The co-founders explain that the anticipated show promotes Black identity as a social currency and depicts the journey of using one’s Blackness to your advantage.  

From Top Dawg Entertainment to Dreamville to Quality Control Music, the music industry’s Black-founded record labels focus on fostering cultural bonds and promoting Black excellence. LVRN is a global 100% Black-owned record label. From its management to publishing, LVRN is all Black and all love. Aside from finding some of the hottest up-and-coming Black artists in the music game, LVRN also advocates for racial equality, brings awareness to mental health in the Black community and supports Black creatives. Love Renaissance has made major steps in solidifying its legacy, and its future is bright.

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