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Easy Halloween Costumes that Celebrate Black Culture

 It’s no longer just October, it's full-on “Spooky Season”. While the fall season does bring on excitement for cozy sweaters, apple picking, and everything pumpkin flavored, Halloween is definitely the main character of the fall. With 15 days and counting until Halloween, we’re here to give you some costume ideas that will be hard to top. These looks are cost-effective, trendy, and celebrate Black culture! 

Halloween is the perfect excuse to bring back old fashion trends and styles. Let’s start off with single costume ideas that encompass all that was the 90’s. You can’t think of 90’s culture without thinking of Janet Jackson. Janet was the first black woman to win the Billboard Icon Award and her art, music, and culture in Black music will never fade. The great thing about Janet’s iconic look from the 90’s movie classic, Poetic Justice, is that you probably already have these items in your closet! All you need is a good pair of jeans, a simple black shirt, and of course, you can’t forget about the hat! Put on a pair of silver hoops and you’re good to go. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 19.53.37.png

This next costume comes from the R&B princess, Miss Aaliyah. Spotify and Apple Music now carry Aaliyah’s music on their streaming platforms, this is a great time to honor the late star with a re-make of one of her iconic looks. For this look, all you need is a red jacket, a white tee, and of course Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs. Don’t forget your body chain!

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 19.53.42.png

If you’re looking to dress up as such an influential and classic animated character, Penny Proud from the Gen Z childhood show Proud Family should be first on that list! Penny’s look is simple, cute, and well-known.  This costume takes us right back to 2001 and honors the late show...which might be having a reboot soon! Grab the white button-up shirt in the back of your closet, pass, and iron it, and you're good to go. Pair this look with a red skirt and matching cardigan. And, do not forget Penny Proud’s staple, the pigtails! 

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 19.53.46.png

Speaking of the 2000s era, there are costumes out there for our brothas too! Halloween is a great time to bring back some iconic looks from hip-hop. And, what better way to recreate Soulja Boy’s look from his “Crank That” music video and be the first to ever do it! Bring out your baggy tee and your chain. Don’t forget the essentials, of course, sunglasses and a towel. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 19.53.52.png

If you’re not feeling the rapper vibe this Halloween, there are some great Black superheroes to choose from. You could dress up as the Black Panther and pay tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman, possibly Miles Morales from Spiderman or Marvel Universe’s first-ever African

American superhero, Luke Cage!

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 19.53.57.png

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 19.54.04.png

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 19.54.00.png

Now, let’s get into the group costumes. First up, we have the one and only Cheetah Girls. Gather your besties and debate on who’s gonna be Chanel, Aqua, Dorinda, or Galleria. If you can’t decide, there's always the Bratz Dolls, TLC, or the Clover cheerleaders from Bring it On!

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 19.54.14.png

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 19.54.10.png

And finally, the best costume selection for Halloween to recreate with your boo thang, best friend, or platonic friends. The Black loves duos are iconic. It’s only right we start with Beyonce and Jay-Z's “Apeshit” music video look. This look is easy to recreate and will definitely “give ‘em pumpkin to talk about.” This music video grossed over 251 million views on Youtube and was filmed in the one and only Louvre Museum. Visuals from this music video went viral on social media and remain a memorable moment in music history. Beyonce and Jay Z are one of the biggest power couples today and this costume is sure to make heads turn! If you’re looking for another great couple costume you can recreate J. Lo and Ja Rule’s look from their “I’m Real” music video or choose from two great Black love films Love and Basketball or Queen and Slim. For the Queen and Slim duo, you need a red velour tracksuit and an animal printed spaghetti strap dress. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 19.54.19.png

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 19.54.22.png

Halloween is also a great time to support black-owned businesses, be sure to check out Blackprint’s article on Black-Owned Fashion brands to find black-owned businesses to support! Whether you’re a frugal shopper or big spender, hopefully, this Halloween we’ve switched the light of inspiration for you. Our list of Halloween costumes ensures cost-effectiveness, creativity, and the celebration of Black culture. If you decide to recreate any of these costumes be sure to tag us!



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