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Lucky Daye's- A Table for Two (A Visual Poem)

Lucky Daye, NOLA native, released Table for Two on February 12th. Table for Two, a strictly female feature project, details the various stages of dating. One of the main producers on the project is D’Mile, who has produced for artists such as Masego, Pink Sweat$, H.E.R, Victoria Monét, and many more great artists. Each track is conversation that gives the male and female perspectives of relationships. 

How Much Can A Heart Take (feat. YEBBA)

How Much Can A Heart Take transforms into a  smooth, velvety song for the people that are tired of dealing with inconsistency. The song essentially asks: What are we doing and why are we doing this?  YEBBA sings “And somehow you find the time to wine and dine your b*tches better than me”. The pre-chorus follows the same tone “Ooh this sh*t is trash/ But imma give it right on back ‘cause that's what I've been getting from you/ Yeah lately/ You’ve been out on the block acting crazy, doing your thing, then you turn around and blame it on the moon/ Just ‘cause you're feeling blue”. Lucky Daye responds on the second verse to YEBBA’s line “You take my money/And I don't get anything back” and follows up with pre-chorus. The outro of the song includes clever wordplay about the pressures of posting your relationship on social media. There’s pressure to flex and appear more successful and put together. Social media allows you to show a perfect reality that hides all of the very real things that happen behind the scenes to make a relationship work. 

On Read (feat. Tiana Major9)

The self-exemplary aspect of this track reflect the stress of being left on read and waiting for a reply. “'Cause you left me on read (On read)/ I've been waiting all day (Baby, baby)/ Got me all in my head (Ooh, ooh)/ Evеrything that we said (Everything you said)/ Can we just takе our time? (Yeah, yeah).We’ve all been there, you know,  “left on read” phase of getting to know someone. This song is perfect for those who are fed up and ready to end the relationship. 

My Window (feat. Mahalia)

This song is emcompasses the thoughts and emotions right before you break up with someone. If someone can’t be there for the bad moments, then they shouldn’t be around for the good moments.The song samples I Can’t Stand the Rain by Ann Peebles which is also sampled in Missy Elliot’s The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly). The chorus “If you can't stand the rain/ Then I can't stand the sunshine/ If you can't take the pain/ Then I can't make your sun rise”. One of the most relatable lyrics is: “It's a shame tryna force somethin' that would not be good”. Sometimes people want things that aren't good for them and that realization is hard.

Lucky Daye's Visual Album

Access Denied (feat. Ari Lennox)

Those who want to have their cake and eat it too will love this song. Access Denied  for the people who have their guard up but still want a relationship. Relationships, today, tend to not require real commitment and appearances rather than connection. Access Denied will be constantly on replay because the rhythmic beat draws you in and makes you want to dance. It samples “Give Me Your Love by Curtis Mayfield. “Baby, love scares, your mind/ No wonder why you keep your time/ Baby, love's not a crime/ Scenarios keep you behind /Enough tries you've gone cold”. It has become sort of trendy to be emotionally unavailable and this song shows how it can affect a relationship.  People aren’t investing in others in the way that they used to. Being detached in relationships has been romanticized which is an issue because it ruins a lot of good things.

Dream (feat. Queen Naija)

Dream is about being deeply in love and infatuated with someone. “And if I'm dreamin', let me sleep (Let me sleep)/ I don't want your love to leave (Your love to leave)/ I don't wanna fall too far, just ride this high that you givin' me (You givin' me)/ No, I don't wanna wake up” It completely contrasts Access Denied because it a more slow and rich R&B song. Dream is a song for hopeless romantics because it reflects all consuming love. 

Falling In Love (feat. Joyce Wrice) 

Falling in Love is the final song and brings the energy back up.  Lucky Daye intentionally takes you through the rollercoaster of emotions and ends with a more pop sound. “Don't make me waste my time/Don't go blowin' up my line/If this ain't real then, baby I'm cool”. This song covers the hesitation of getting to know someone new after being hurt in the past. The song essentially asks: Are you gonna hurt me? If so then leave me alone. Falling In Love is an energetic song that makes you excited for more music from Lucky Daye and Joyce Wrice.“Don't make me regret fallin' in love, fallin' in love”. It is the perfect way to wrap up the project and ends on a positive note. It gives a more hopeful sentiment about relationships through its underlying tone of openness to a new relationship. 

Lucky Daye takes listeners through the various nuances of dating like the ups, down, and in-betweens of investing in someone. It shows the very complex ways love, miscommunication and dedication in relationships are interpreted. There is a song for everyone, whether single, in relationship, or in something complicated. It tackles the walls that people put up and both the male and female perspectives of relationships.

Lucky Daye's Visual Album

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