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This Was Always America

What would Congress think? If I, as a Black man, were to share my frustrations of what occurred on the floor? If they were to actually hear the pain I felt— what ached while sitting in my DC apartment, staring out of my window as sirens blared throughout the streets; streets that I know were forbidden to those who looked like me, but seemed to be owned by those in red hats and white skin. The feeling of knowing, knowing that I could not dare leave my apartment or my life would be in jeopardy. What would Congress think? What would run through their mind? While I can’t share all my frustrations, because my parents will one day read this, I will offer some here:

“This is America. 

Tamir Rice killed by a Cleveland Police Officer. Breonna Taylor killed by Louisville police. Eric Garner killed by New York City police. Sandra Bland killed by Walter County police.

What occurred today did not shock any Black or Brown person living in America. We are shot, detained, deported and killed for having melanin. But today, white people walked through the streets of Washington DC,  barricades and through the “people’s house” to cause hell and destruction. Donald Trump did this. Ted Cruz did this. Jake Corman did this. Republicans did this. Democrats did this. Whiteness did this.

To every Black and Brown viewer of the trifling disaster that took place today, I am sorry more trauma was inflicted. This is not our mess to clean-up. This is the mess of white folks who want to be allies and co-conspirators. We can no longer educate. We can no longer attempt to teach. The Republicans knew what they were doing. And I call for white Democrats, Republicans, Independents and non-affiliates to step-up, do better and stop hurting Black and Brown people. We’ve built this country, we gave our all. Now, what will you do? 

To every officer that protects the United States Capitol Complex. To every police officer that walks the streets of this country. You know de-escalation when it is convenient, when there are White people, with firearms, mace and red, white and blue flags in front of you. So no more, do I want to hear training, no more do I want to hear reform. We must abolish the system because the system and training of officers are in the White man’s pocket. 

The way police treated Black Lives Matter protestors in comparison to how they treated the domestic terrorists today was disgusting. Black Lives Matter protestors were tear-gassed, shot with rubber bullets abused and arrested. If we would have considered approaching the Capitol Complex we would have been shot and killed. While the White domestic terrorists and thugs were guided out and not arrested. 

Let me make this clear. Yesterday, the white people that breached the capitol looted, rioted and committed treason. 

So here is what I am calling for. No more speeches saying this is not America, because it is insulting to hear. I want action. The House needs to reconvene tomorrow morning and by nightfall have articles of impeachment voted on. I am echoing Congresswoman Cori Bush on demanding the removal of every Republican member involved. I want the immediate dismissal of the US Capitol Police Chief and any other leaders who failed us today. 

I want a full manhunt on every individual that breached the capitol yesterday and charged and tried immediately. I want laws voted on concerning policing in America, because we clearly see that race matters. I want Black lives to matter and White people to be charged and punished for their wrongdoings. We can’t allow the business to go back to normal. 

White people stand-up. Do better.”

Photo by: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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