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Earthgang Presents: Mirrorland


Atlanta's very own Earthgang, an American hip hop duo composed of Atlanta-based rappers Olu and WowGr8, shut down the Milkboy Arthouse in College Park, MD on Oct. 17. 

After giving the audience an unforgettable display of their eclectic music style, and complementary fashion choices, Olu (a.k.a Johnny Venus) and WowGr8 (a.k.a Doctur Dot) were joined by Pittsburg rapper Benji, and LA's Duckworth for their Welcome to Mirrorland Tour. 

The sold-out show's stage was set with beaming multicolored lights and large floral decor, meant to replicate the album's inspiration, The Wiz. Olu has described Atlanta as "the Land of Oz" and proved that statement to be true as the pair showcased their city's endless magic by being unapologetically creative and promising. 


Photo by Blaine Mengistu-Gunn

This energy was honored through performances such as the introduction of LaLa Challenge and Proud of U (ft. Young Thug). These natural performers had the crowd feeling simultaneously rowdy and enlivened to the point where the barricade between the audience and performers was knocked over, during Dreamville's song Down Bad. 

Shifts into slower paced songs were not unusual, as the fluorescent stage lights would dim into transition to set the scene for This Side, and Trippin (ft. Kehlani). Both rappers took an intimate approach as WowGr8 vocalized a take life, "Now I'm the wind, now I'm the rain, the climate change, I crack a joke to hide the pain, it doesn't work". 

Both are fully aware and outspoken on very real issues, having a record of speaking out against abortion restrictions, racism, sexism, and pretentious egos. In the past, they have even set up voter-registration tables at their concerts.


Photo by Blaine Mengistu-Gunn

Fans at Milkboy Arthouse partook in chanting YG and Nipsey Hussle's, FDT chorus with middle fingers in the air as Earthgang altered their 2015 hit, Missed Calls in order to incorporate the hook. Although being socially conscious is incorporated within their music, their energy and performance remains just as elevated despite it feeling exhausting to constantly think about ongoing issues in the world.

The pair has shared humble beginnings while students at Hampton University in Virginia, but now continue to grow upon their homecoming. Consistent album releases and collaborations eventually had J. Cole paying attention, to which he signed them to the Dreamville Record Label in 2017. 

Their impressive work thus far secured them with strong features on "Revenge of the Dreamers III", and has shaped their highly anticipated big-label debut album "Mirrorland" soon right after. In early September 2019, Atlanta duo OutKast was trending on twitter after a viral tweet having stated, "Earthgang is like the OutKast of this generation only with two Andre's". 

Earthgang responded on their instagram account with, "To be compared to legends is a humbling honor, but know that we're blazing our OWN path for the next ones out of Atlanta". As Earthgang continues to stay true to themselves, it is safe to say that they are an extension of Atlanta's ongoing music scene that supports other musicians to get their start in the industry.

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