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Youtubers React to Tracee Ellis Ross' Haircare Line "Pattern Beauty"


"Our patterns are expansive. Our patterns are unique. Our patterns are beautiful." Blackish star, Tracee Ellis Ross, recently announced the launching of her new haircare line, Pattern. On Instagram, Ross posted that Pattern is "specifically for curly, coily and tight textured hair." Ross is best known for her voluminous curly hair and she has always embraced her natural patterns both on and off the screen. On her Youtube channel, Ross said that Pattern was ten years in the making. Fortunately, the release has experienced an overall positive review. 

Pattern Beauty- comes with the following; one hydration shampoo, three types of conditioners- medium, heavy and intensive- that's specified by hair types, a leave-in conditioner, two hair serums, a large hair clip, shower brush, and a microfiber towel. All of these products can be used in succession or combined with other hair care products.

I don't know about you guys, but when I'm trying to get the latest news on anything hair, I head straight to the natural hair community on Youtube. There were many reviews on Pattern from women and men with hair types from 3b to 4c. 

The conversation about Ross's line mainly was about her conditioners as for most "naturals" this is what we care most about. Naturals on the curlier end of the spectrum (type 3 hair) are advised to use the Medium conditioner. YouTubers like Happycurlyhappygirl found the conditioner had slip, was very creamy, and nourishing. Naturals on the coiler spectrum (type 3 & 4 hair) are suggested to use the Heavy conditioner. Because of the mayonnaise-like consistency, this product can be used as a deep conditioner. When using the Heavy conditioner, The Glam Twinz mixed the conditioner with water to make it a leave-in conditioner as well.

If the conditioner is too thick for you, there are other ways to manipulate the product. Unfortunately out of the three conditioners, this specific product was the least favorite. There were mixed feelings about the Heavy conditioner, some reviewers felt it provided necessary nourishment, while others perceive it to be too thick to manage. 

Lastly, my naturals with the tight textured curls (type 4 hair) are left with the Intensive conditioner, which is currently sold out online. This conditioner is supposed to provide moisture while preventing breakage and dryness. Reviewers found this product having great slip while leaving their hair soft and nourished.

With extensive research, I was reaffirmed that natural hair has many patterns, porosity, and density levels. It was interesting to see which conditioner worked best for each individual hair type since everyone didn't follow Ross's recommended conditioner for their hair pattern. I appreciate the effort Ross put into the conditioners because she wanted all hair types to feel represented and loved, I mean who can blame her for trying?

Pattern is sold online on and is in-store at Ulta Beauty. Additionally, by purchasing Pattern products, "you're helping to support organizations and programs that empower women and people of color."

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