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White Inmate Brutally Attacks Helpless Black Inmates


Content Warning: This video contains content that may be disturbing to some viewers

A horrifying video of four black inmates being repeatedly stabbed by a white inmate while handcuffed to a table at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio, went viral.  

The video was exclusively obtained by Associated Press and released on January 25, but the attack originally took place on June 4, 2017.  Shamieke Pugh, one of the former inmates that were attacked while playing cards, told Washington Post "He was trying to kill us, for sure." Reportedly, the assault could have been worse if one of the victims had not been able to free himself and fight back.

Initially, the authorities decided not to charge the alleged attacker, Greg Reinke because he was already serving a life sentence. Just a few months later, Reinke was involved in another attack resulting in a guard being hospitalized with several injuries.

Shane Tieman, the newly elected Scioto County prosecutor has decided to charge Reinke for both attacks to shed light on security issues in prisons. Tieman said, "regardless of whatever reason they were in prison, they have a right to be protected."

It took almost a full minute for guards to appear in the video and tweets have assumed that the guards allowed the white inmate to repeatedly torment and stab the four black inmates. Authorities have denied that the attack was premeditated or racially motivated, but Pugh believes guards set up the attack.

In America, one in every fifth inmate has reported being attacked by a another prisoner or guard. That being said, this is not the first case of brutality and injustice against black inmates in prisons. In the documentary Sugar Town, following the death of Victor White, who died in police custody, prisoners get brutally attacked and beaten by police officers and police dogs. A case was even brought against alleged initiator of these attacks, Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal, but he was never convicted, even with overwhelming evidence against him.

Another tweet from this past Monday shows Chicago inmates working in dangerously cold temperatures, with 7 inches of snowfall, and a "feels like" temperature of -40 degrees fahrenheit.

In the tweet, you see of picture of inmates working out in what is visibly frigid weather. According to the tweet, spokesperson Cara Smith claims that the jumpsuits are insulated.

The repeated injustice and mistreatment of inmates across the United States is causing outrage debate across the nation. Police brutality is simply unacceptable, regardless of criminal record or inmate status.

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