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The Rise of Latin Trap: Bad Bunny & J Balvin Joint Album


Explosive to the Latin trap music scene, rappers J Balvin and Bad Bunny have announced that they will be releasing a joint album called "Oasis" at an unspecified date. Although you may only known the two from their feature in Cardi B's awarded radio hit, "I Like It", Bad Bunny and J Balvin have been relevant on the urban music scene for years prior to Cardi's 2018 single.

So why are Americans just now blurring the lines between Latin trap music and American trap and what makes J Balvin and Bad Bunny fit to lead the way with this upcoming album?

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¿Ya escucharon "MIA"? 👀

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Bad Bunny (24), whose real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, began singing as only a teenager on SoundCloud which unexpectedly took his career to what he is now referred to as one of the "the most sought-after artists in his genre." In an interview conducted by Complex Magazine, Ocasio accredits his genuine love for music and innovative clothing style to this success.

"I remember when they used to make fun of me at every studio because of my pants," said Ocasio. "But to me it was normal. I always liked to wear short pants; really short pants and now you see them following".

Colombian reggaeton musician, José Ãlvaro Osorio Balvin (34) who is also known as J Balvin, commends Ocasio for this uniqueness.

In the same interview Balvin says, "Benito came out and I was like finally there's another wild one; someone who dares to innovate".

Aware and experienced in both an older generation of trap music and a more modern one, Balvin mentions that it is his consistent humility and combination of traditional Latin music to American pop that keeps his music popular.

"I have so many people who inspire me. I try to take the best from each of them and put it into work." Balvin says.

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The two artists met at a concert and immediately got along both aesthetically and personally. Balvin mentions that he took the then shy Ocasio under his wing as he was simply a Soundcloud artist fan of experienced Balvin who had 10 previous years in the industry.

In 2017, the two artists released their first songs together titled, "Si Tu Novio Te Deja Solo" which later was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban/Fusion Performance and "Sensualidad" along with their friend and famous singer, Prince Royce.

Balvin and Ocasio explain that their future joint album, "Oasis", just makes since for the future of trap music.

"People have wanted to see both of us together," Balvin says of the upcoming album. "We have to leave the monotony because it is our responsibility.

The two explain how the term ‘oasis' means more than just a body of water for them. Instead, oasis refers to a system of relief to freshen up the scene of Latin trap music to a broader platform in America. They plan on bridging Latin trap and American trap by continuing to be their most authentic self among what they describe as a monotonous industry.

"If you want to make history as a Latino, you have to take your spot" Balvin advises.

After the release of "Oasis", the world will be the judge of whether J Balvin and Bad Bunny have accomplished just that.

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