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Where's the Love for AU's Women's Basketball Team?


I will openly admit that I am a part of the problem. I think I have been to one American University sporting event. Yes, since August, I have supported my school's athletics program on one singular occasion, and it may or may not have been simply because there was free ice cream.

Sadly, I think this statement probably resonates with a lot of my peers. We're busy. We're swamped with papers and tests. Game schedules don't fit in with daily nervous breakdowns. Or, we just don't want to stop watching Netflix. These are excuses I have unabashedly uttered when asked to attend a sporting event. But, the past is the past, and the excuses need to stop.

AU's Women's Basketball team is killing it. Period. They are ranked first in the Patriot League and are now on their way to semifinals. Without a doubt, they have had an amazing season.

Out of the 16 games the women's basketball team has played this semester, they have only lost one. Yay, sports, right? Something even more special about this season's triumphs is that the women's team has been guest coached by some pretty awesome ladies. Coach Megan Gebbia has invited AU President Sylvia Burwell and Ambassador Susan Rice to help steer the Eagles toward exciting wins against Boston University and Army West Point, respectively.

So, why aren't AU students talking about the basketball team? Why aren't we supporting our girls? I have a few theories:

First, we just aren't a sports-oriented school. It's not who we are as Eagles. Until debating politics becomes an Olympic sport and petting the ‘Wonk Cat' becomes a beloved national pastime, we will remain the "Wonks" we are. Think about it. Literally, every sporting event here is sponsored by Potomac Pizza or Robeks. To keep us from leaving, the athletic department offers the chance to win a $100 cash prize from Vamoose at nearly every game. Nonetheless, many of us still stray far away from these events, opting for other Saturday activities like sitting in TDR from 10 in the morning to nine at night (don't @ me).

Secondly, we're too preoccupied with men's sports. Our men's basketball team hasn't had its best season. While they are hardworking and talented athletes, they sit at the bottom of the Patriot League. Those numbers and stats don't lie (sorry, still not sure what they all mean). Is it possible that, as we've seen time and time again, women are not allowed to shine if their male counterparts are not up to snuff?

Whatever the reason may be, we can all play a hand in the valiant effort of supporting our sports teams. That is especially true when there is a team doing as well as outs. 

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