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Voices of Gen Z: Chloe x Halle


With all the of the problems going on in this world, Chloe x Halle's new album is like a fresh breath of air. Their debut album, "The Kids Are Alright" dropped on March 23rd, 2018. Fans have been raving about their new, unique and fresh talent.

"This is three years of self-discovery, vulnerability, and growth, all put into one album," the duo said on their website. "We've put our hearts and souls into every lyric and every beat." While many millennials and post-millennials are often stereotyped by society, Chloe x Halle have managed to empower the youth of today with their meaningful, honest messages and iconic style.

Chloe and Halle Bailey are both self-taught musicians. They wrote and produced every song on their album -- something most young artist don't have the opportunity to do. The sisters started their singing career on YouTube as preteens. They created covers and unique renditions of popular songs. In 2014, their cover of Beyoncé's "Pretty Hurts" went viral. The sisters gained a huge following on social media, as well as the attention of Beyoncé herself.

Soon after, Beyoncé signed the sisters to her record label, Parkwood Entertainment, and became their mentor. The duo will perform alongside her at the Coachella Music Festival in California in April.

The siblings are categorized under R&B, but they don't put themselves under a singular genre. They say they like to just let their music flow. "We never force it, so it just naturally comes out like a big fusion of all these genres," Chloe said in an interview with Time Magazine.

This album gives off vibes of soul, alternative, pop, R&B and even some trap music. Best of all, it captures individuality and femininity all at once.

Despite what's going on in the world, the sisters say that we shouldn't stress too much about the bad that is happening around us and make the changes we want to see. "The kids are alright because we are not afraid to raise our voices and speak out issues that mean the most to us. We are turning negatives to positives through our art," Chloe told the The Muse in an interview.

On the album, they address insecurities, bittersweet heartbreak and the importance of positive energy. After listening to it, I could not agree with them more. They're a perfect example of #Blackgirlmagic and are always unapologetically themselves.


They wrote this album to document the feelings and experiences of living as Generation Z. Best of all, their message is universal. No matter what generation you're in, you can take something away from this piece of art.

I was initially drawn to Chloe and Halle because of their unique sound, style and lyrics. I also love that they're two sisters that enjoy making music together. Chloe x Halle's peaceful and reassuring music is what this generation needs to hear. I hope they will continue to use their music as a platform to empower and spread positivity into the world we live in-- especially now, when we need it the most.

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