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Graduate Student Arrested Outside SIS


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Photo provided by a witness

American University police arrested a student outside of the School of International Service around 8 p.m. Tuesday night for refusing to identify himself as a member of the community, officials say. 

Benjamin Brumer was arrested for unlawful entry. He is a graduate student, studying International Peace and Conflict Resolution at the School of International Service, according to his Facebook page

Brumer was sleeping on a couch with his shoes off on the third floor of the East Quad Building before AU Police confronted him, said university spokesperson Mark Story in an email to The Blackprint. Brumer allegedly "refused to respond" after officers asked him why he was in the building. Brumer did not identify himself as a student when officers asked, reports say. 

In light of recent events, like the incident in which an outside organization posted anti-Israel posters on campus in February, officers immediately escorted Brumer off campus. 

"Given the context of recent unwanted visitors on campus, when any member of the community is asked to follow directives by a university official, that individual has an obligation to cooperate and/or identify him or herself," said Story.

Brumer was told he could return after he identified himself. Brumer came back to campus shortly after but, according to police, declined to identify himself as a member of the community. AU police arrested Brumer before transporting him to the Metropolitan Police Department. Story said this is "standard protocol for individuals who are unidentified and have been asked to leave campus."

Brumer resisted arrest, reports say. It was not until he was arrested that witnesses identified Brumer as a student. 

Students gathered around Brumer as he was arrested and put inside a police van. A witness said Brumer told officers he was "going to finish a midterm."

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