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BREAKING: Racist Symbols Found on Campus...Again



Photo by Joe Palekas

Updated at 9:35 a.m. 

Ten confederate flags, each with a stalk of cotton taped to it, were found posted on bulletin boards throughout American University's campus on Tuesday night.The posters were found in the Battelle-Tompkins building, Mary Graydon Center, and McKinley, according to a

statement released by AU Vice President of Campus Life Dr. Fanta Aw. Another poster was found later in the basement of the Kogod School of Business. AU Public SSa and the Office of Campus Life are investigating the incident

The posters are printed with the words "Huzzah for DIXIE" in large text and "I wish I was in the Land of Cotton" in smaller font. The back of the posters read "D.C. Counter Resistance," a term associated with white supremacy groups. 

The incident happened hours after Dr. Ibram X. Kendi gave a presentation in the School of International Service on the new Antiracist Research and Policy Center set to open in 2018. Kendi joined the AU faculty this fall as a professor of history and international relations. 

Kendi tweeted a message of strength to AU students early Wednesday morning, particularly to those of color and of the Jewish faith.

I write to AU students, especially students of color and Jewish students, who may be feeling yet another rush of fear from tonight's posters. This is the latest attempt to frighten our community, as groups are trying to frighten other communities around the country. I want you know that you are a model of triumph — and when you triumph you become a threat to people who would rather you fail. The history of your successes is the history of racist terror. If they can't keep you down by discrimination, then they have attempted to keep you down by terror, by instilling for in you, in me. But it is normal for us to be fearful. Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the strength to do what is right in the face of it. In the coming days and weeks and months, no matter what happens, let's gather that strength together. Do not let these terrorists slow you down, fear you down. I am with you and I love you.

Photo by Joe Palekas

Public Safety has released an image of the suspect describing him as an approximately 5'10" tall, 40-year-old white male. He was last seen wearing "a pink shirt, an orange hard hat, camouflage pants, and off- white gloves." 

If you have any information regarding this person's identity or whereabouts, you are encouraged to immediately contact the American University Police at (202) 885-2527 or submit an online tip at


Below are the reactions of students and alumni to yet another racially motivated incident on campus: 

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