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The Blackprint Survival Guide: Move-in Day Madness



Congratulations! You are officially an American University student and move-in day is fast approaching. You are starting a new, fantastic chapter in your life, but before it can begin, you have to survive move-in day first.

Moving in is stressful, especially if you and your family have never done it before. You should expect to see families everywhere. There will be car after car of worldly possessions being shuffled into every freshman dorm. There will be moms crying, dads giving motivational speeches and grandparents complaining about the heat. You should expect a three ring circus. But have no fear! ‘The Blackprint Survival Guide' is here to get you through it in one piece.



1.    Start planning early

I can't stress this enough so I am going to write it again: *START PLANNING EARLY* Getting ahead of the game will save you time, effort and may even save you from hearing the infamous "I told you so." (This is not a guarantee). It is also beneficial to contact your roommate ahead of time so you can figure out who's bringing which items and decide in a civil manner who gets the window bed.  (Note: the 1 or 2 that is assigned on the housing portal does not correspond to a bed).


2.   Pack with reusable containers

Instead of having a ton of trash to throw out once you've finished unpacking, just use the boxes, bins and containers you already have. You will be moving in and out of the dorms for the next few years, so it's beneficial to invest in packing containers that you can use multiple times, or simply make use of the storage that you will be using during the semester

3.    Double-check everything

I know you went over the checklist once, but go into Santa Claus mode and check your list twice so you don't forget anything important.


1.    Know your vehicle

If you are bad and boujee like me, you will probably have more stuff than is physically possible to fit in a four-door car. Fortunately, there are solutions for those of us who do not have large vehicles:

a. Rent a minivan or other spacious vehicle

b. "Pack and Hold" - Several retail stores allow items to be pre-ordered and held at the store nearest to your school until you are ready to pick them up.

c. Pack the essentials and buy what's left when you arrive. (CAUTION: There is no guarantee that stores will have everything you want in stock).



1.    Find your dorm and check in

There will be some check-in formalities, so make sure you get that done before you start lugging stuff around. It will save you from doing extra work and give you time to scope out your room and say hi to your roommate.

2.   Get a cart (if possible)

There are carts to help make move in easier, but with most of the freshman class trying bring all their stuff in at the same time, these carts can be few and far between. Put your name on the list and make sure you don't miss their call to pick yours up!


3. Be patient

Don't stress and don't worry. It may feel like moving in takes forever and unpacking will take even longer, but almost everyone in the building is going through exactly the same thing. Several elevator trips and a whole lot of sweat later, you'll be all moved in to your new home.

Give your family members a big hug, tell them (again) that you will be okay and break out the tissues if need be. It is simultaneously the end of your childhood and the beginning of the rest of your life, so enjoy the view before you take the plunge.


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