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Are You Ready for "Insecure" Season Two?



Last season on "Insecure," we got a look into the life of the original "Awkward Black Girl" herself, Issa Dee. We got to know her life inside and out from her unstable relationship with her boyfriend, Lawrence, to her rocky friendship with her best friend, Molly.

***SPOILER ALERT*** (If you haven't watched season one, turn away and go watch NOW!)

One of the highlights of last season was Issa's love affair with Daniel, which revealed just how insecure she was about her relationship with Lawrence. But the most shocking highlight was when Lawrence cheated on Issa out of spite with the girl from Best Buy. 

In the season's final moments, we were left watching Issa crying on her and Lawrence's old couch with Molly and a bottle of wine, a true testament to not knowing a good thing until it's gone.

Day one dance. Season 2. Follow @insecurehbo for updates! #InsecureHBO

A post shared by Issa Rae (@issarae) on Apr 3, 2017 at 7:54am PDT

On April 3, Issa posted on her social media pages, telling us that season two had officially started filming. While we still have about 4 months before the new season airs, one can only dream of the awkward and hilarious things the "Insecure" team will think up. Below are a few things I would like to see happen in season two.

Issa strive in her career and find a job that makes truly makes her happy.

Issa NEEDS to leave Daniel behind! (He has been nothing but bad news).



Issa needs to focus on why her relationship with Lawrence "failed" (and hopefully work to fix it).

Issa (and Lawrence, if they do get back together) need to move to a decent apartment building #freshstart

Molly needs to mature, have at least one "adult" relationship, and ultimately find happiness within herself and not through a man.



Issa should do more spoken word. Self-explanatory.



Issa or Molly (maybe even both) should go to a therapist showing that it is okay for the black community, especially the black female community, to seek such help and focus on #selfcare.



In "Insecure," we are able to see many of the issues that black women face, from infidelity to mental wellness. A show like this is a reminder to everyone that it is okay to be insecure and not have everything together. Issa's insecurities were in herself, her job, and even her relationship. While Molly's were centered around feeling as though she needed a man to validate her as a woman. Both of these women exemplify an honest portrayal of struggling and succeeding while black. 

I know season two will have a number of twists and turns that will have me on the edge of my seat once again. So be on the lookout because "Insecure" will be returning on Sunday, July 23. Don't miss it!

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