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4 Things I Hope the Obamas Write



It's been almost three months since the first black family moved out of the White House. Many people on social media, including Rihanna, named Obama's leaving as America's "Worst Breakup Ever." But now they are back in our lives, and with a $60 million book deal.

Numerous publishing houses fought for the Obamas' book, but it was Penguin Random House who came out on top. Not many financial details have been released, but based on the bidding reports from the Financial Times, the book deal has exceed all former president's previous memoirs.The first family has not yet disclosed what the book will be about but here are four things I would love to see.

A Normal Day in the White House

The Obamas were and still are loved by many and I'm sure people wished that they could have been a fly on the wall during those eight years. So I would want them to share information about their everyday and the things they did in their free time. What were their morning routines? What were their favorite activities? What rooms did they spend most of their time? Did anyone ever beat Barack at basketball? You know, normal human things.

A Chapter from Malia and Sasha

Although the books are by their parents, I think it would be great to hear about growing up in the White House from the two kids who did it right. Being apart of the First family came 24-hour surveillance from the Secret Service, not to mention spending their adolescence in the media's spotlight. I want to know how they really felt about it all, how they dealt with comments and rumors and even the pros and cons of being the president's daughters.

How They Keep the Love Alive

Many people believe Barack and Michelle's relationship is the definition of #BlackLove. People of all ages strive for their relationships to resemble the Obamas. While this topic may be very personal, I would love to read about how they continued to stay strong and committed to each other, keeping the romance alive even while in being in office. With packed schedules, having to attend different events and being in different states or time zones, it had to have been a struggle at times. So what's their secret to long lasting love?

The Obama Legacy

Many of his supporters believe President Obama's legacy is his policies, as well as the hope and opportunities he created for people all over the country, especially for children of color. But what does the former president feel his legacy is? What does he truly feel is one of his greatest accomplishments? It would be cool to know how he wanted to be viewed and whether or not he feels that goal was fulfilled.

With everything that is going on in America, books by the Obamas may be just what this country needs to pass the time until another good president comes along.

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