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Love Letter to Kehlani



Dear Kehlani,

Your music has consistently touched others. From getting over breakups to dealing with family issues, it always speaks to its listeners and provides the advice that would normally come from a close friend.

Thank you for always being unapologetically yourself, a young strong woman who always "keeps it running". From "Cloud 19" to "You Should Be Here" and "SweetSexySavage," your lyrics have been there to help me overcome tough issues and remember that it's okay to be a little crazy sometimes. Thank you for sharing the wisdom you have gained from your own life experiences and being brave enough to tell the truth.

Your lyricism is amazing. With verses like, "too damn strong, to let you get the best of me, took way too long, to find the light inside of me."

"You had to break me, take me, to make me better. But I had to save me, baby, now or never."

Your music has always taught me to fight for what I believe I deserve and to do so unapologetically. It taught me to never settle or let anyone make me feel bad for finding and preserving my own light. Thank you for including poetry by Reyna Biddy in the intro of "SweetSexySavage" and supporting other female artists of color. The words of this poem describe every woman's struggle to find love and to be understood, something that I definitely needed to hear at the time.

Thank you for staying true to yourself, as you rise in popularity. From the very beginning of your career, you've maintained your own unique style of music that has never changed. Your openness to talk about your own struggles with body image and relationships has helped fans like myself develop such a strong connection with you. You are an inspiration in all aspects of the word. Even on your Instagram and Twitter, you maintain the genuine realness associated with your brand, and your fans appreciate that.



I am so incredibly grateful for artists like you. The effort you put into your music truly shows. You are someone who practices what they preach and I commend you for that especially for overcoming all that you went through last year. 

When you received a Grammy nomination for "You Should be Here," I was so happy to see you finally get recognized for the hard work you put in. And I know that there are so many more accomplishments for me to look forward to in your career. I can honestly say that I look up to you. Thank you for being a role model and showing me that even a small girl from Oakland can make it with hard work and dedication.



I promise to always be one of the first people to buy your concert tickets and albums, or at least to try. The appreciation you show for your fans really makes it all worth it. Please stay honest, stay genuine and "SweetSexySavage."

With Love,
Yesenia Jones

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