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Spaz in the News: Kanye is Back at It Again



Kanye West took to the mic on Thursday night for the latest stop on his Saint Pablo tour and brought his iconic political rant "George Bush doesn't care about black people" to the next level, and in a different direction. 

West endorsed our President-elect Donald Trump: "I told y'all I didn't vote, right? ...but if I would have voted, I would have voted on Trump." Yes — you read that right. The black recording artist from left-leaning Chicago is going on yet another rant, but this time he is backing the even more controversial Trump.

Ye, how could you be so heartless? Not only is West endorsing a leader of the free world that has targeted fellow people of color, but he is also glamorizing the lack of civic engagement in the process by saying he didn't vote.

Political positions aside, West's rhetoric is problematic, especially considering the impact he has on his massive following. Many of West's fans are still hurting as they fear for their lives and are looking to artists like West to distract them from messy politics with the power of music. Stay tuned to see if West releases a single challenging YG's popular track "F*** Donald Trump."

Just a few weeks ago, Yeezy shocked the culture again by starting beef with Jay Z, who used to be his big brother figure. Last month during a Seattle concert, West called the 21-time Grammy winner out, claiming that the infamous "Pop Style" track off of Drake's Views didn't include his verse because of Hov. "You didn't get what you wanted because of some TIDAL-Apple bulls**t," said West. Once again, West is upset about some behind-the-scenes industry talk that no one can fully grasp despite the numerous rants he has continued to give over the years.

A conflict of this sort started by the provocative rapper should be no surprise by now. West has racked up arguments with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry  â€” Taylor SwiftJimmy Kimmel and even Justin Timberlake

But West hasn't stopped there. Who can forget when Kanye decided to step his feuding game up to the next level and brawl with mega-brands Zappos, Puma and Nike?  West has had no issue keeping his chill to an ultimate low over the years, even when well-known radio hosts like Sway Calloway couldn't  find the answers to West's problems.  



After years of "You ain't got the answers Sway" memes, West has given us yet another reason to revel at the often comedic sight of a pissed Kanye West. West recently made headlines when his Twitter fingers subbed rapper Kid Cudi. The current Cudi versus Kanye fall out began when Cudi sent out some typical "rap beef" tweets, which expressed his frustration with the music industry's "clowns" and rappers who rely on ghostwriters for bars. West made sure to remind Cudi to never mention the Ye name again. 

The West-Carter drama runs even deeper; Kanye isn't just upset about the money or the music. He's defending his wifey, Kim Kardashian. West claimed Young Hov never reached out to them in the wake of Kardashian's recent armed robbery. 
Rap fans get your tissue boxes ready: West made it clear that the fallout with Jay has led to a permanent hiatus on the highly-anticipated Watch The Throne sequel. Only time will tell if this sticky situation will remain an issue for the longtime friends. 

Whether it's through his questionable rants or genius lyrics,  the only person who can fully understand Kanye is Kanye. We've learned that he has a mind of his own. A few weeks ago, West switched up again and asked his fans to pray for Cudi, who finished up a rehab stint in October. Six years ago, he said that the idea of Jay Z running for president would be "pretty amazing." Now we know West no longer vibes with the idea of Jay Z in the White House (#KANYE2020) and that no one will ever love Kanye like "Kanye loves Kanye."

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