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Hustler of the Month: Joe Henao



Hustle of the Month is a — you guessed it — monthly series where we highlight students with cool side jobs. Think a charitable t-shirt business or the Economics major who flexes her creativity by selling original artwork. Know someone who is out here grinding? Send us a tip:

Hustle of the Month goes to Joe Henao, a junior and International Relations major whose main hustle is cutting hair.  

It's really hard to find a good barber in Washington, D.C. First you need to actually find the money to go. Then comes the struggle: walk/bus/metro your way to some random location in the middle of the District where you have to wait forever to actually get your hair cut. As a broke college student, I don't think anyone has the time or money for that. Lucky for us, neither does Henao. 


(Courtesy of Joe Henao)

Henao got into cutting hair his freshmen year after realizing how expensive a cut can be in D.C. He started out by learning how to cut his own hair, but then he began to branch out to friends and other people he knew who needed haircuts. As Henao became more skilled, he started offering his services to more people, and charging basically nothing. While he doesn't plan on opening his own barbershop anytime soon, Henao still wants to be able to cut people's hair for a while.

The best part about getting a haircut from Henao is that he always takes his time with the craft. Unlike when you go to an actual barber, Henao isn't trying to speed through a haircut to get to the next customer; he actually sets up appointments. The SIS major is always checking up on the client to make sure he's doing everything the right way.  Henao can cut any type of hair: black hair, white hair, men, women, you name it. 

Hit up Henao for a cheap, quality haircut. 

Cover photo by Olivia Coyle.

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