What to Wear to the Early 2000's Themed "Drop it Like its Hot"

By MacKenzie Galloway

Saturday, November 11th, join SUB, WI and WVAU for their massive early 2000’s themed party, “Drop it Like its Hot”. All us 90s babies (and a few 2000s) grew up in this era and probably remember it pretty well. But do you have anything in your closet to fit the theme? If you answered no, NO PROBLEM! Look no further because this is your guide on what to wear to this early 2000's themed event.

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Skinny Scarf - Probably the easiest way to turn your 2018 outfit into an early 2000s outfit, the skinny scarf is an essential accessory that screams early 2000s chic. Weather its glittered or patterned, it will surely add flair to your fit.

Where to Buy:

  1. Express - $19.90

  2. Nordstrom - $23.40

  3. Free People - $28.00

The Velvet Tracksuit - Whether you’re rocking it with your flavored lip gloss and skinny scarf, or your glittery eye shadow and bucket hat. The velvet tracksuit is the staple early 2000s look.

Newsboy Hat - The newsboy hat was a staple early 2000s hat. Whether we were performing a hip-hop dance, walking the runway or painting our nails with the girls, the newsboy hat was super versatile and trendy.

Over-sized Jerseys - Whether you love basketball, football, baseball or hockey. Over-sized jerseys are the perfect way to rep your city while channeling your inner early 2000s. In addition, you and your boo can pull up in matching jerseys #CoupleGoals.

Small Glasses - The small glass frames may have made a comeback in 2018, but we borrowed this trend from the early 2000s no doubt. A fab accessory of the era, is sure to add extra flair to your outfit.

Where to Buy:

  1. Urban Outfitters - $18.00

  2. Pretty Little Thing - $25.00

  3. Nordstrom - $14.00

Low Rise Jeans - While high waisted jeans may be all the rave right now, the early 2000s was ALL about the low rise pants. Don’t own a pair? Don’t worry, you can snag a pair at your local mall.

Cargo Pants - Another trend that has made a huge comeback in 2018, is the infamous cargo pants. Channel your inner Kim Possible and grab a pair of these versatile pants. Whether they’re camo or solid print, these pants are super cute while super comfy.

Bucket Hats - slowly making a comeback in 2018, the furry bucket hat was mega trendy in the early 2000s. Dress it up with your velvet dress and lip liner or dress it down with your crop top and cargo pants.

One Shoulder - Before the off the shoulder trend, there was the one shoulder trend. Whether it was in a fancy dress for a red carpet look, or a night dancing with the girls.

All Denim EVERYTHING - And last but not least, the denim. Whether you rock a denim bucket hat, denim skirt or denim dress. Denim, denim, denim was the look of the early 2000s. Can’t go wrong with a pair of apple bottom jeans or a denim Kangol hat.