10 Fall Essentials You Need in Your Closet


1. Cropped Flannels

90’s Grunge has once again made a comeback this fall, this time in the form of the always favorite flannel. This season’s twist? The edgy cropped style.  

Forever 21 - $15.90

Urban Outfitters - $54

American Eagle - $39.95

2. Gingham

The black and white gingham pattern is all the rage this times of year. From jumpsuits and dresses to skirts and blouses, there are enough options for you to  rock all of it from head to toe!

Misguided.com - $37.00

Nordstrom Rack - $49.97

Forever 21 - $35.00

3. Berets

Boujour mes amis! (Hello my friends!) You’ll be happy to know that the beret is back! This longtime parisian trend is the perfect accent to your fall wardrobe. You can pair it with just about anything.

Nastygal.com - $16.00

Urban Outfitters - $29.99

Forever 21 - $14.90

4. Flared Pants  

Get in the groove for the 70’s era inspired flare pants. The high waisted flare bottoms  have also made a comeback this year and we are so here for it! So groovy.

Express - $49.00

Forever 21 - $17.90

PrettyLittleThing.com - $28.00

5. Shirt Dresses

Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? Well now it’s both! Shirt dresses are this fall’s cutest and comfiest phenomenon.

Old Navy - $36.99

ASOS.com - $24.00

FashionNova.com - $24.99

6. Wrap Dresses and Shirts

You can now wrap it up this cuffing season, in more ways than one by adding these cute wrap pieces  to your wardrobe.

Forever 21 - $17.90

Zara - $69.90

Macy’s - $49.00

7. Long Jackets

As our winters seem to get longer, so do the coats. This fall, it's all about the ankle-length jackets and coats. Finally, you can stay warm from head to toe. Literally.

BooHoo.com - $36.00

Nordstrom - $228.00

Windsor - $39.90

8. Plaid Skirts

Plaid skirts? As if! These  skirts inspired by the 1995 hit movie Clueless are making a big comeback this year. So head to your local Urban Outfitters, read to channel your inner Cher and Dee.

Urban Outfitters - $59.90

Forever 21 - $19.90

American Apparel - $48.00

9. Overall Skirts

Skirts with straps? Yes that’s a thing. And everyone is wearing them. Snag yours ASAP.

ASOS.com - $40.00

Modcloth.com - $75.00

Forever 21 - $22.90

10. Animal Prints

Channel your inner cheetah, lion and snake this fall with some animal print pieces in your closet. Whether you’re dressing it up in a sexy cheetah print or slaying your internship with a snake patterned bag, you are guaranteed to stunt in this latest, hottest trend.

Forever 21 - $38.00

Fashion Nova - $24.99

TopShop - $100.00